Bipolar Syndrome – The Indian Version

Lately I have come across that almost 99 % of the Indian Population is suffering from a bipolar syndrome. To explain what I am trying to say, consider this:

I was having a conversation with one of my uncle’s about a WhatsApp forward by my mother (which was fake news by the way) and the conversation carried on to the fact about how the present government has not lived up to our potential and how the promises made have been brutally broken and no one is ready to take the responsibility. BUT, they blame it on the previous congress government instead.

So, since I was criticizing about the present government (the BJP) my uncle replied back – “So congress also did nothing in the last 10 years” and I thought to myself, I never mentioned anything about congress being good or bad or gave any other opinion about congress. But, my uncle immediately attributed me to congress the minute I criticized the BJP. He did not think for a moment that I was just giving an objective opinion based on my logic and rational thought.

Unfortunately, he is not at fault. That is the case with every person and every discussion in India. If you do not support the left, you are right. However, for people like me, that is not the case.
There are some rational thinkers who want to take everything which a pinch of salt which should ideally be the case. However, the problem is, that these days, the moment you start criticizing the present government, online or offline, there would emerge a heard (gau rakshaks probably) who would not hesitate in calling you names, hurling abuses and then labeling you intolerant and a “deshdrohi”.

God forbid if you are woman, they will not think for a minute to assassinate your character. At this point, their entire beti bachao and woman empowerment agendas go into the dustbins.

I refer to this problem as a bipolar syndrome because the majority of people are not ready to accept the fact that there can be a person who does not want to side with anyone.

In reality, it is a journalist’s job to NOT take sides, however that does not seem to be the case these days at all. And because the media, our opinion leaders, are not doing their job right, everyone is either congress supporter or BJP supporter or AAP supporter.

It seems like you just cannot have a rational thought without having been labelled. This seems like a step towards killing our democracy. Our country is being deliberately divided into fine lines of political ideologies and no one is able to understand that this will not end well, for any of us.

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